You Found Me.


You found me,

Lying here alone,

In a dream unknown,

Staring at silhouettes,

Painted with my regrets.


You found me,

Helpless and scared,

Unloved and uncared,

Misused and misplaced,

Dishonoured and disgraced.


You found me,

Crying my last tear,

Embracing my worst fear,

Holding on to my last breath,

Awaiting to be taken by death.


You found me,

Gave me your hand,

Told me this is not the end,

How long the wait,

For the change of my fate.


Follow Me.


Follow me to,

Places I will take you.

You can take my hand.

We are far from the end.


Let the sun set in your eyes,

Let the stars light up the skies,

Let the wind blow through your hair,

Let the moonlight fill the air.


Follow me,

There are places yet to see.

The days are still young.

Our songs are still unsung.


We will travel across rough seas,

We will walk under wild trees,

We will wander beautiful meadows,

We will hide in dark shadows.


Follow me, my dear,

Stay close and near.

I will take you to,

Places only we know.



Thoughts haunt my fragile mind,

In the middle of the night.

As I look up to the twilight skies,

With tears in my eyes.


Hopeless and despaired,

Cold and scared.

Under the faded crescent shine,

I tell myself everything will be fine.


Echoes of silent symphony,

Mind full of chaotic toxicity.

Agonizing and twisting me around,

Caving and turning my insides out.


Endlessly cold within,

Emotionless like I have always been.

Slowly losing control,

Of my mind and my soul.


But I find beauty in a night so deep,

When the world is asleep.

Because nothing is more bright,

Than the darkest night.

Yours Again.

I silently carve down with words,

The feelings concealed in my heart.
Using an unyielding voice,
I hope you will hear me.

As long as a new day,
With the ability to love you rises,
Even if my life comes to an end,
And I’m forced into the next one,
I will find you.

As long as a day dies,
I will walk to the edge of darkness,
Just to see your eyes,
Just to hear you say my name.

My eyes cry for you,
My heart yearns for you,
My arms crave to hold you,
My lips scream your name.

So wait for me, my dear,
I am not far from you,
I am right here.
Hold me and end my pain,
Make me yours again.

Forgotten Dreams

All you said to do,
Was to forget you.
I remember,
Now I remember.
But how can I pretend,
I never knew you,
Like it was all a dream,
A dream that had to come to an end.

I would have slept forever,
Thinking you would always be with me,
But then I remember,
When it turned into a nightmare,

When the colors became dark.
All that was left from the fire,
Was a spark.
The spark that you took with you.

When you left me,
Dreams turned into nightmares,
Nightmares turned into reality,
A reality with darkness everywhere.

Sometimes I look up,
And I remember,
That even skies scream,
Burdened with the weight,
Of lost, forgotten dreams.