Thoughts haunt my fragile mind,

In the middle of the night.

As I look up to the twilight skies,

With tears in my eyes.


Hopeless and despaired,

Cold and scared.

Under the faded crescent shine,

I tell myself everything will be fine.


Echoes of silent symphony,

Mind full of chaotic toxicity.

Agonizing and twisting me around,

Caving and turning my insides out.


Endlessly cold within,

Emotionless like I have always been.

Slowly losing control,

Of my mind and my soul.


But I find beauty in a night so deep,

When the world is asleep.

Because nothing is more bright,

Than the darkest night.



When I came to this world,
Everything was so blurred.
I didn’t know much,
But you showed me with your soft touch.

Years passed so fast,
All those memories stayed in the past.
But as the days keep turning,
With each new morning,
You continue to be more than a father,
You hold my hand and lead me further.

You have made me the person I have become,
You were always there when there was none.
How can I say how much I appreciate,
For all the things you did for me so great.

All the efforts and sacrifices,
All the time and places.
For all the times I was scared,
All the times you showed me you cared.

But now it’s my turn,
To give back and return,
All those years of your love,
That made me rise above.

To be there for you now,
And always pick you up when you are down.
To be your strength and your guide,
And fill you up with pride.
I will and forever will be,
By your side.


When the stars fall from the skies,
Like the tears in my eyes.
When the last word is spoken,
My fragile heart will be broken.

When the clouds begin to form,
I will get caught up in the storm.
When the rains fall down,
My heart will drown.

When the floods sweep me away,
My blood will turn to cold decay.
When I am far from the world of you and I,
Where the oceans bleed into the sky.

When the lights begin to fade,
My strong heart will be afraid.
When darkness swallows me whole,
My body will be abandoned by my soul.

But when your eyes meet my eyes,
There is light from the skies.
When your hand holds my hand,
I know this is not the end.

No One Else. 

I let the depths of the sea,
Set me free.
From the fears in my mind,
Searching for the hope I try so hard to find.

I open my arms and let go,
Cold and below.
Beyond the reach of light,
Lost and out of sight.

Deep In the ocean,
Sinking in the depths of my emotion.
I clench on to the last breath,
Falling to my death.

I am reaching out,
But I can’t shout.
Hold me now,
I’m breaking down.

Hear my silent cries,
Listen beyond my lies.
Save me from myself,
Because I have no one else.

Wake Me From This Dream.

I stood there,
Hopeless in despair.
No one sees the tears I hide,
No one knows I’m helpless inside.

I opened my eyes,
To cloudy skies,
Darkest of grey,
Days of cold decay.

I walked in the rain,
Filled with pain,
The drops fall on my skin,
They wash off my sins.

I reach out my hand,
Barely able to stand,
I fall on the ground,
Hoping to be found.

I lay there to die,
My eyes cry.
Save me before I scream,
Wake me from this dream.

I Still Want You

In this moment you are mine,
Tomorrow you may not.
Along a straight line,
We could get lost.

Our roads may divide,
Losing ourselves along the way.
Our worlds may collide,
Someday further from today.

In every silence of my life,
I will say your name.
For every truth in my lie,
I will take the blame.

I will walk the distance apart,
For us to be complete.
With broken fragments of my heart,
I will stand at your feet.

And when you remember me,
I will be infront of your eyes.
Like where the sea,
Bleeds into the skies.

Even for a thousand years,
I will wait for you.
With eyes full of tears,
I will still want you.

Be Mine 

Hold your hand in my hand,
Let me take you around the world.
From the beginning to the end,
This is a story of only a few words.

I am not afraid,
Of what the world thinks.
From what we have made,
All they can see is a glimpse .

I will be there in the moving of your breath,
In the darkness of your shadow.
I will follow you till death,
I will never let you go.

Once I’m lost in your talks,
I can no longer be found.
Like the hands of clocks,
That go round and round.

Entering my heart silently,
What a story you have started.
Leaving my heart violently,
Leaving me half-harted.

I have learned to smile from you,
My life is in your hands,
My hope comes from you,
Be mine till the end.