The Moon And The Wolf


Why does the wolf howl every night,

When the moon is full and shining bright?

Looking up to the sky and closing his eyes,

Deep from his heart he breathes out his cries.


Does the moon hear his painful howl?

Does she smile or does she scowl?

Shinning her brilliant light on him,

As the cold winds blow like a hymn.


Their story goes beyond the colours of night,

The colours of darkness and light.

When the lone wolf fell in love,

With the beautiful moon up above.


Each night he looks up to her,

Expressing his love with a howled whisper.

The moon shies in her white light,

Shining on him her love so bright.


But the distance between them grew,

As his thick pearl white fur caught the night dew.

She cried as her light began to fade,

Still he stood on the hillside and stayed.


His heavy howl turns to a calm sigh,

As she disappears in the hue of the dawn sky.

He sheds a tear of sadness and pain,

Hoping to see her at night again.


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